How Viable is Crowdfunding as a Funding Opportunity for Hospitality?

The final installment of speaker interviews from the 4th Global Hospitality Leaders Summit in New York this November.

William C. Skelley, CEO from iFunding gives his thoughts on the viability of crowdfunding as a funding source for hospitality developments, as he has developed one of these competing platforms. As a brand new aspect of the real estate industry as a whole, this is a controversial funding source, and is on the verge of changing how real estate investment is handled across the board. Crowdfunding is just entering into the real estate space, but it has the potential to fundamentally change the industry, and William will tell you how.

Joel Eisemann, Chief Development Officer from Intercontinental Hotels Group gives you his insights on how to build brand loyalty in a changing environment here. As boutique and lifestyle hotels are on the rise, how can franchises compete in this environment? Strategies for keeping customers have changed, so learn from the experts here.

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